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OpenStack in the Enterprise:
A Potential Foundation for Your
Cloud Strategy
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Two Industry Leaders are working together to make OpenStack easier: Together, Red Hat and Cisco deliver the world’s most comprehensive, open, hybrid cloud solutions that empower IT to accelerate the business.
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OpenStack in the Enterprise:
A Potential Foundation for Your
Cloud Strategy
A strong alliance: Red Hat, Cisco, Intel
Triple OpenStack innovation

The business climate in today's markets is hypercompetitive and marked by constant dynamic change. As a result, enterprises are demanding ever more performance and services from IT infrastructures that are reaching their capacity limits and budget constraints. To cope with these challenges, business IT is turning to cloud computing for flexible, agile, and cost-effective infrastructures that will speed up delivery of applications and services — without making any compromises in quality.

OpenStack is a fast-growing open source cloud operating system running exclusively on x86 technology that responds to growing demands through managed pools of computing, storage and networking resources located throughout a datacentre. As an open source platform, the OpenStack code is regularly updated but many enterprises do not yet have the experience or personnel required to implement this new and extremely flexible modular platform.

The combination of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform accelerates deployment of solutions that deliver massively scalable performance for private enterprise IaaS clouds, as well as cloud infrastructures for service providers. Cisco UCS is the ideal foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform because this high-performance, massively scalable system was designed for fast, simple, and cost-efficient deployment of integrated compute, network, and storage resources. New UCS products include:

  • Modular, high-density servers for cloud-scale environments
  • A compact form factor for edge-scale computing where data originates
  • Enhancements that increase power and control for intensive data analytics and application acceleration.

Openstack is a quickly emerging as a viable alternative to traditional IT infrastructure management stacks. It offers enterprises and service providers the opportunity to build highly efficient cloud infrastructure platforms. When choosing an OpenStack distribution, organisations are advised to look for enterprise-grade usability and functionality features like platform support, proven and secure architectures, deployment guides, professional services and seamless interfaces.
Carla Arend
IDC, Program Director, European Software

Intel — the global leader in processor technology — enhances this enterprise OpenStack solution by consistently refining the x86 architecture with world-class innovation that delivers higher value across the entire Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack and Cisco UCS deliver greater scalability, manageability, and performance at significantly reduced cost in virtualized datacentres and environments deploying cloud infrastructures. The integrated solution features easy 1-touch provisioning, ample capacity with fewer servers, and greater network density with less complexity and fewer interfaces, cables, and access-layer switch ports.

The proven Cisco and Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology ensures that this OpenStack solution is stable, reliable, elastic, and cost-effective, all supported by a global ecosystem of certified developers and service partners. The Red Hat-Cisco alliance originates from a shared vision to deliver value in the form of a standards-based, cohesive, unified, agile environment that easily scales to meet business requirements with low total cost of ownership for cloud infrastructures without risk or vendor lock-in.

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Why OpenStack?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

As business continues to grow exponentially, enterprise datacentres are looking for ways to achieve massive scalability and increase agility in response to demands for more performance. Many enterprises and service providers want to take their IT infrastructures to the next level with cloud system software that enables them to build private, public and hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds.

OpenStack is a proven approach to such enterprise cloud solutions. Based on open source technology, it runs exclusively on the Linux operating system and x86 server hardware and is massively scalable — from dozens to thousands of systems. However, OpenStack has many interrelated components with options for deployment, and many enterprises today lack the expertise needed to deploy the platform quickly, securely, and effectively.

With the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack®Platform, you can address customer demands in hours or minutes – rather than weeks or days – without sacrificing security, performance, or your budget. The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with OpenStack forms the ideal basis for building an enterprise private cloud or a public cloud for service providers.

By integrating Red Hat Enterprise Linux with OpenStack, the platform is equipped with a proven and reliable operating system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform includes features that distinguish it from other distributions: Installation is simpler and overall security, stability, and reliability have been hardened through Red Hat enhancements. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is also supported worldwide through a network of certified partners who develop, integrate, and support verified enterprise solutions.

The proven Red Hat business model that brought Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the developer community to the enterprise is doing the same for OpenStack, with future investments and commitment from a growing ecosystem of certified Red Hat partners. With enterprise-grade functionality, security, stability, high-performance, and reliability, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is becoming the distribution of choice for businesses as they move beyond virtualization to build a solid foundation for enterprise clouds.

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